Anderson Integrative Medicine, LLC

A Functional Me​dicine/Functional Psychiatry                                Practice

         A.I.M. for better health

Caring About Your Health

Anderson Integrative Medicine, LLC, a functional medicine/functional psychiatry practice, is the only practice of its kind in Hampton Roads. Mental health symptoms can usually be traced back to nutritional, gut and/or neurotransmitter deficiencies.

When these deficiencies are identified and corrected, the symptoms either become more easily managed or go away altogether. When integrated with traditional medication modalities, A.I.M. provides an approach to whole body healing that many patients have not yet explored.

Vision Statement 

True wellness is like a journey for which there is no ultimate end. The quest for wellness begins and ends in a different time and space for each patient. Anderson Integrative Medicine will always strive to meet you where you are and join you on your quest to help you achieve your BEST health.


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