Recovery and healing happens differently for each patient. We understand that healing is as individual as you are. It is important to find a medical provider who will consider each patient's individuality and develop treatment plans designed to treat their most important concerns. At Anderson Integrative Medicine, LLC in Chesapeake, VA, we will personalize your testing and treatment plans to help your specific issues. We have no two patients on the same treatment plan. Our care is detailed and specific to you.



Advanced diagnostic testing uses functional medicine laboratories. Testing costs are paid directly to the lab and can often be billed to insurance. Some testing costs will be due at the time of service, and receipts are provided for the patient to submit to their insurance company for possible reimbursement. When available, A.I.M. extends practice pricing agreements to each patient for even better rates with the associated labs. Examples of advanced diagnostic testing include:

  • Thyroid and hormone testing - blood
  • Nutritional/micronutrient testing - blood and urine to identify the current level of vitamins, minerals, and toxic exposure in the body.
  • GI and stool testing - identifies bacterial imbalances, yeast overgrowth, parasites, and leaky gut.
  • Neurotransmitter testing - urine
  • Genetic testing for weight insight - cheek swab; genetic markers to guide an individualized approach to weight management.
  • Food sensitivity testing - this blood test considers 176 of the most common foods we eat, food dyes, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and other commonly ingested chemicals and measures the body's sensitivities to those things.
  • Gene Sight-genetic testing - cheek swab; identifies the most effective psychotropic medications like antidepressants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers based on lliver metabolism.
  • Mold and heavy metals testing - uses urine and hair to test exposure


CURRENT PATIENT FOLLOW-UPS: Visits are currently $350 for up to one hour with Sarah and $175 for up to 30 minutes.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.*

*Functional medicine visits are NOT currently covered or reimbursed by insurance.*

NEW patients may be invited to join our NEW patient practice model which is far superior to our previous way of delivering care. This model includes an initial consultation with Sarah to determine if our practice is the right fit for you. Based on your consultation, if you are indeed a patient that could benefit from our services, a specific treatment plan will be offered to you which will include 8 months of initial treatment that is customized to your personal needs. The consultation fee is $100 and based on what we determine during our consultation, you will receive a package price at that time. Labs are not part of the package and most of them can be billed to your insurance. All services from A.I.M are part of the package. These services include 5 visits with Sarah, IV's, injections, bi-weekly check-ins from one of our team members, online education and endless support!

Prior to your consultation, it is important for you to consider what your wellness is worth to you. We have a practice full of patients who have achieved levels of wellness they never believed possible. We are able to replicate our outcomes over and over; this delivery of care is unlike anything you have ever experienced and if it is determined that you are the right fit for our practice, you will not regret your decision to invest in yourself!

We acknowledge that our practice is not the right fit for everyone. Functional medicine in itself is nothing similar to what you may be used to in the mainstream/allopathic world. Many times, we see patients as their "last resort". Sarah does her best to give each one of our patients the time, attention and care you all deserve, but patients who are not willing to do the work or who are not able to financially afford the treatment plans will likely experience frustration and not achieve the level of success we desire for you. We have exhausted all the ways we can find to make our treatment plans as affordable as possible, but buying bioidentical hormones, quality supplements, IV's, shots, eating healthfully and exercising regularly are not cheap.  We vow to give you 100% of the 50% we can give. You have to be ready to give us 100% of your 50%.

If you would like to begin the process of becoming a new functional/hormone patient, please go to the CONTACT page and fill out the demographic information, including DOB, and we will send you a new patient questionnaire. We currently have a wait list and would love to add you to that! 

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We also order traditional blood tests through local labs that will bill your insurance company with the copays contracted through your insurance company.

Patients with healthshares or who are paying cash have access to the cash rates that our practice has negotiated with LabCorp. The cost of labs will be charged to our practice and then your card on file will be charged once we give you notice that we received your bill.