In an attempt to answer your questions and meet your needs more efficiently for both you and us, we are requesting that you consult our FAQ page FIRST before calling our office with questions that may be already answered here. Multiple calls to our office are not efficient. If you do need to call the office, please leave a voicemail and be patient as we will call you back as soon as we can. Multiple calls made by the same patient repeatedly will be sent to voicemail.

How do I make a same day appointment for an IV?

Please call the office and leave a message with the day and time you are requesting an IV appointment. We will call you back as soon as we can to confirm your appointment request.

~COMING SOON! Online IV appointment requests can be made at your convenience (on the weekend or after business hours). Check our website frequently for this service!


What do I do if I have a medical question?

If you have a question about side effects, symptoms or any other medical question, please do not call the office. Instead, email Nurse@AndersonIntMed.com with your question. Include as many details as you can. One of our amazing nurses will either call or email you back between patients who are being seen in the office. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response as your response may require consultation with our provider. WE DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO DEAL WITH ANY EMERGENCY QUESTIONS OR SITUATIONS. ALL EMERGENT ISSUES MUST BE ADDRESSED BY THE CLOSEST ED/URGENT CARE. Please do not leave any medical questions or details on our voicemail as our admin staff does not address these questions.


What do I do when I need my ADHD medication refilled?

If you have not been seen by our medical provider within the last 3 months, you will need to call the office to schedule an appointment. If you have seen our provider within the last 3 months, please call your pharmacy to request your next prescription. Remember that controlled substances NEVER show a refill on the label/bottle. Three individual monthly prescriptions are sent during your visit and the pharmacy will only fill them every 28-30 days. Each pharmacy has their own policies, so you will have to ask them specific questions about their refill practices. 

If you are experiencing stock issues with your current pharmacy and have found stock at another pharmacy, please DO NOT call the office. Instead, email Sarah@AndersonIntMed.com with the name, address and ZIP CODE of the new pharmacy, the medication name, the dose being requested, the number of times taken daily, and the total number of tablets/capsules being requested.



What do I do when I need hormone refills?

If you need a refill of a hormone and you DO NOT need a dose change, please reach out to the pharmacy that fills your hormones and request a refill through the pharmacy. They will reach out to our office and your hormones will be refilled on the next business day if all labs are current and no appointments have been canceled. If you are requesting a dose change of a particular hormone, please do not call the office with this information. Instead, email Sarah@AndersonIntMed.com with the hormone name, the dose being requested, the number of capsules taken daily, and the total quantity being requested. Your refill will be sent with enough quantity to get you to your next appointment.

My MD, NP, PA told me that I cannot use hormone replacement therapies or that the therapies you provide are dangerous. Who do I believe?

That's a great question and one you will have to pray for wisdom and discernment to answer. My first question to my MD, NP, PA would be to ask on what evidence they are making these claims. If their answer is based on the WHI (Women's Health Initiative of 1991) study, then rest assured that their education did not go much past what they received during medical, PA or NP school and their continuing education does NOT include hormone specific training. Ask to see their certification for hormone specific training. If they cannot provide one, their knowledge of this specialty should be considered inadequate and their opinions obsolete.

I would like to become a new patient. What does that entail?

Medical cannabis patients: can call the office to discuss your current diagnoses to see if you may qualify for the use of medical cannabis according to the statutes of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Also visit the Medical Cannabis page on our website. If one of our team members determines that you could potentially qualify for the use of medical cannabis, you will need to either bring a copy of your medical records including all diagnoses and current medication list plus a valid Virginia driver's license or state issued ID OR have your medical provider fax those records to us at 757-755-7799 prior to your appointment.

ADHD patients: can call the office and request an appointment for medication management. If you have already been diagnosed with ADHD, please either bring a copy of your medical records indicating this diagnosis or have your medical provider fax us confirmation of that diagnosis at 757-755-7799. Visits are not covered by insurance, but medications can be if you choose to do so.

Functional medicine/hormone patients: Please go to our Contact page and fill out ALL the demographic information, including address and DOB; PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR DOB. Once we get all the requested information, we will email you a "New Patient Questionnaire" so that we can determine if we are able to potentially help you. Further instructions will be given at that time. Please refer to our "New Patient Practice Model" on the functional medicine page under the Integrative Medicine tab on our website. Customized treatment plans and prices will be discussed during an initial consultation which is $100. The financial requirements for all functional patients can easily be estimated as thousands of dollars to start and hundreds to maintain monthly. We have explored all options to make this as affordable as possible but living a "functional" life is expensive.